2013: The Taggart Takeover

📻 The Commish: Coach Taggart Interview

**Audio** | The Commish: Coach Taggart Interview | SoFloBulls.com |

The Commish: Coach Taggart Interview | by Matthew Manuri | SoFloBulls.com |

With the lack of news lately, I decided to cue up some old audio I never had the time to share or discuss.

From the start the interview was hilariously serious. The Commish set the tone by kicking off the interview by razzing Coach T about his anniversary by coyly stating, “I won’t ask you if you ‘Did Something’?”…. the best part was Taggart’s response, “I did something big, no doubt. Call her [his wife] up and see if coach did something!” Amazing.

Taggart sent a clear message to fans & alumni: We’re rebuilding my way. I cannot speak for all alumni or fans, but I for one have been impressed by the way Coach T hit the ground running as soon as he touched down in Tampa. Taggart runs to the beat of his own drum & marches only his path, his way. Coach Taggart was born to lead & I’m excited for him to #DoSomething for my Bulls on the field in a make or break season.



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