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New Coaches Face First Year Hurdles | SoFloBulls.com (760x400)

Orlando Antigua, South Florida Bulls

Challenge: Inexperience

This is an exciting time for new South Florida coach Orlando Antigua. He is going 1,000 miles an hour because, after years of being an assistant coach, he is running his own program. Every decision that has to be made for the Bulls’ program from recruiting to travel to scheduling to organizing the season will come to his desk — for the first time. There is not enough time in the day right now to finish all of his new tasks.

There is only one way for Antigua to overcome his inexperience. Go through it like everyone else who has ever been a first-year head coach. But he has two major advantages, as I see it.

First, he has witnessed first-hand and contributed to the on-court success of his mentor John Calipari at Kentucky. In the process, Antigua has also watched up close how a master runs a basketball program every single day. He’s likely seen more than enough to prepare him for what is about to come at South Florida.

Second, Antigua has a head start as far as coaching is concerned. Last summer he coached the Dominican Republic to a berth in this year’s FIBA World Cup of Basketball by placing third in the FIBA Americas tournament in Venezuela. He put together practices, installed offenses and defenses and called timeouts for the first time on his own. He will coach the team again this summer, so by the start of the college season in November, it will be second nature to him.Β Continue Reading by Clicking Here

By Fran Fraschilla | ESPN.com

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