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🎙AUDIO🎙 SiriusXM College Sports: Charlie Strong Discusses Jim Leavitt, USF’s Start in a Trailer (12.19.2016)

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The USF Trailer 'The Ponderosa'. 🎙 Listen: USF Head Coach Charlie Strong on The Doug Gottlieb Show (12.19.2016) | SoFloBulls.com

Newly appointed USF lead man Charlie Strong joined the SiriusXM College Sports on December 19th. The conversational interview is chalked full of intriguing dialogue from Strong’s Florida recruiting roots to the ‘million’ phone calls he received wanting him to go get the South Florida job.

The interview also includes an awesome backstory that Strong shares about visiting Jim Leavitt when the USF program was run out of the trailer fondly dubbed ‘The Ponderosa’. This one is worth the four minutes of your time, trust me. The audio interview is below for your listening pleasure. Enjoy and go Bulls!! #StrongLikeBull #BullStrong #SoFloBulls

by Matthew Manuri
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USF HC Charlie Strong on SiriusXM  College Sports (12.20.2016)

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