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#PaulinesPledge Please Help My Wife’s Aunt Walk Again!

Anything helps! My wife, Stephanie Manuri, is organizing a GoFundMe on behalf of her Aunt Pauline Christman in an effort to raise $20K for physical therapy so she can walk again. Big or small, we are thankful! #PaulinesPledge


An open letter from my wife:

We need your help! My Aunt Pauline will never be able to walk again let alone have some semblance of a normal life, unless we can raise the $20,000 necessary for the intense physical therapy treatment. It breaks my heart in two.

The last two years has led to unimaginable financial hardship for so many, including my Aunt Pauline.

At the start of the Pandemic, Pauline still owned her own restaurant in Camden, TN. She took great pride in her place and her customers loved her. Little City Café was a small family run operation frequently visited by many in her community.

The profits from the restaurant were just enough to keep the doors open and my Aunt’s heart full, so when the pandemic struck it didn’t take long before she was forced to close down and walk away from what was her only form of income and source of happiness. My Aunt found herself at a complete loss without many alternative options.

Then disaster truly struck.

She began experiencing extreme health issues due to the multiple herniated discs in her back. The pain was unbearable.

Imagine if you had no way of finding employment or a way to make ends meet all while enduring pain so excruciating you can hardly eat or sleep. Imagine having limited, if any options at all for healthcare because you not only lack the funds, but also don’t have medical insurance. It makes me cry.

Now, there’s always State/Federal Health Care and other forms of assistance to apply for, but guess what?!?! We did and Pauline was declined! DECLINED!

Guess why? Because she collects social security after losing her husband to cancer just a few short years ago. A check that barely even covers her mortgage. It shocked me and I am certain many others that someone would be declined given the extremely challenging circumstances.

So what’s next?

Our family has done our absolute best to find ways to raise funds necessary to ensure Pauline had something to eat. We were able to pay $2,000 for a shot to relieve some of her back pain for about two weeks. Unfortunately, Pauline’s pain became so unbearable a friend made the decision to drive her to a hospital well outside of their area, searching for any way possible to help her.

Then disaster struck once again, but this time it was different.

While on the way to the hospital, her friend suffered a diabetic blackout while driving. My Aunt unbuckled her seat belt and tried her best to regain control of the vehicle, but they slammed into a tree head on in the process. They both were airlifted to the hospital and placed in a trauma unit. Aunt Pauline broke her Femur, hand and ankle.

She was tossed all around the vehicle during the accident, and frankly it’s a miracle she survived.

Pauline was operated on and due to not having insurance she was released far sooner than she should have been, considering her significant injuries.

We’re praying that with everyone’s donations we will be able to kick off her pledge to walk again! Anything helps, regardless of amount. Maybe one day she will overcome all that’s gone wrong over the last two years and return to helping her community and feeding those that she loves, the very things that make her heart sing.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for anything you are willing to donate to #PaulinesPledge.

Stephanie Manuri



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