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Welcome to SoFloBulls Blog! 

Your Source for All Things USF, South Florida Bulls Sports. Takes so LIT it wreaks of fire.

I’m Matthew Manuri. Born & raised in Naples, FL. Attended the University of South Florida (USF), Class of 2009. I was a very active member of SigEp ### & my day grind is in Corporate Accounting. I’ve written for Bulls247, Rivals, Scout, and TheDailyStampede (formerly, but I’m now back on my own turf and loving it. I also do a lot of scouting work for USF Football recruiting. 

I played football, soccer, & baseball at St. John Neumann HS in Naples, FL; parlayed in Golf as well. Including a state playoff run in 2001. Baseball was my main focus: 2003 Southwest Florida All-Star Team & 2003 Class 1A All-State Honorable Mention.. and yes, sadly this is my only claim to fame:

Link: 2003 Florida 1A All-State Baseball Team

Topics Covered

I started to discuss South Florida Bulls Sports: USF Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Recruiting, Players, Coaches, being stuck in the American Athletic Conference, etc.

Feel free to reach out with questions & comments:

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4 thoughts on “ Squad”

  1. Nice picture, what a striking handsome man on the left.


  2. Go Bulls


  3. Mutt Hubbard said:

    Great site, I do have a question about the Era on the Bay Videos. Please advise -Mutt


  4. Matt: What is your question about the videos? You can email me at


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