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I’m Matthew Manuri, owner and founder of I was born & raised in Naples, FL, then attended the University of South Florida (USF), Class of 2009. I was a very active member of SigEp ### & I day grind as a Fortune 500 Accountant. I’ve previously written for Bulls247 (CBS Sports), Rivals (Yahoo Sports), Scout (CBS Sports), and TheDailyStampede/ (SB Nation).

After writing for others and building others brands, I decided to run my own show. We added photographer Dennis Akers to expand our portfolio with the best USF photos in the game, and brought on former USF DE David Bedford (@OldManBeddy) to deliver weekly Bedford’s Bottom Line Q&A’s to add in-depth former player insights. All media requests must be made to either Matthew Manuri or Dennis Akers.

Be sure to follow Dennis on Twitter @USFDennis and Instagram @usf_dennis. Also follow us on Instagram (@soflobulls), Facebook (@SoFloBulls), and Twitter (@SoFloBulls). All media requests must be made to either Matthew Manuri or Dennis Akers.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns or thoughts!

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  1. Nice picture, what a striking handsome man on the left.

  2. Go Bulls

  3. Mutt Hubbard said:

    Great site, I do have a question about the Era on the Bay Videos. Please advise -Mutt

  4. Matt: What is your question about the videos? You can email me at