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2012: Skip's Junior Campaign | Victorious: One Team, One Goal | By Matt Manuri

2012: Skip’s Junior Campaign | Victorious: One Team, One Goal | By Matt Manuri

Never falter, never fail, never give up: A sound unit is a resilient unit. A resilient unit is one ready to strike & always knows it can win regardless of circumstance. After last seasonโ€™s 5 losses by six points or less, the South Florida Bulls made a vow to each other to never allow that piece of history to repeat itself. The โ€˜One Team, One Goalโ€™ motto of the Bulls was ever-present in Saturdayโ€™s 32-31 victory over Nevada.

Down eleven with 5:17 left in the 4th, the unshaken & resilient Daniels fired a 52-yard TD to Chris Dunkley narrowing the score to 31-26. Following a first down & an incompletion, Bullโ€™s fans anxiously watched hoping this year would not bring the same late game disappointments of 2011. Poised & focused, Daniels first hooked up with Deonte Welch for a crucial 23-yard first-down on 3rd & 10. Then, Daniels connected with Andre Davis with just 0:38 left for a 56-yard TD to seal the victory. Danielโ€™s led the Bulls with an inspired performance in the 4th quarter, airing it out for 225 yards & 2 TDs in the final 2:37. Bullโ€™s fans & analysts have always known Danielโ€™s had the ability to orchestrate a major comeback, but Saturday he proved it to the world in epic fashion.

The maturation Bullโ€™s fans have waited to see from Skip Holtzโ€™s squad finally became evident Saturday in Reno. The players never sunk their heads nor did they stop giving 100% despite trailing the Nevada Wolf Pack in the 4th quarter. Even after both Sterling Griffin (out for season) & Kayvon Webster went down, there was no falter; nothing was going to shake the relentless Bulls. Davis had a tremendous day with 12 receptions for 191 yards, shattering the USF single-game receiving record. Daniels ended the game 22/40 (55%) for 363 yards with three TDs & no interceptions. Both Daniels & Davis received โ€˜Big East Helmet Stickers: Week 2โ€™. Davis was named โ€˜Big East Player of the Weekโ€™ & nominated for the โ€˜Capital One Cup Impact Performance of the Weekโ€™. The Bulls need to carry this attitude into Thursday nights โ€˜curseโ€™ game against Rutgers to escape with the first Thursday night win in school history.

by Matthew Manuri

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