2012: Skip's Junior Campaign

📌 Victorious: One Team, One Goal

2012: Skip's Junior Campaign | Victorious: One Team, One Goal | By Matt Manuri
2012: Skip’s Junior Campaign | Victorious: One Team, One Goal | By Matt Manuri

Never falter, never fail, never give up: A sound unit is a resilient unit. A resilient unit is one ready to strike & always knows it can win regardless of circumstance. After last season’s 5 losses by six points or less, the South Florida Bulls made a vow to each other to never allow that piece of history to repeat itself. The ‘One Team, One Goal’ motto of the Bulls was ever-present in Saturday’s 32-31 victory over Nevada.

Down eleven with 5:17 left in the 4th, the unshaken & resilient Daniels fired a 52-yard TD to Chris Dunkley narrowing the score to 31-26. Following a first down & an incompletion, Bull’s fans anxiously watched hoping this year would not bring the same late game disappointments of 2011. Poised & focused, Daniels first hooked up with Deonte Welch for a crucial 23-yard first-down on 3rd & 10. Then, Daniels connected with Andre Davis with just 0:38 left for a 56-yard TD to seal the victory. Daniel’s led the Bulls with an inspired performance in the 4th quarter, airing it out for 225 yards & 2 TDs in the final 2:37. Bull’s fans & analysts have always known Daniel’s had the ability to orchestrate a major comeback, but Saturday he proved it to the world in epic fashion.

The maturation Bull’s fans have waited to see from Skip Holtz’s squad finally became evident Saturday in Reno. The players never sunk their heads nor did they stop giving 100% despite trailing the Nevada Wolf Pack in the 4th quarter. Even after both Sterling Griffin (out for season) & Kayvon Webster went down, there was no falter; nothing was going to shake the relentless Bulls. Davis had a tremendous day with 12 receptions for 191 yards, shattering the USF single-game receiving record. Daniels ended the game 22/40 (55%) for 363 yards with three TDs & no interceptions. Both Daniels & Davis received ‘Big East Helmet Stickers: Week 2’. Davis was named ‘Big East Player of the Week’ & nominated for the ‘Capital One Cup Impact Performance of the Week’. The Bulls need to carry this attitude into Thursday nights ‘curse’ game against Rutgers to escape with the first Thursday night win in school history.

by Matthew Manuri

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  1. GO BULLS! The defense really impressed me with the way they shook off the first quarter and dominated the rest of the game. They also showed a lot of resolve on Nevada’s final drive.

  2. I was impressed with the D’s resiliency. They never stoppped even after 3 straight scoring drives. We need to build on our momentum going into Rutgers… I HATE Thursday night games…

  3. You have to feel for Sterling Griffin losing another season to injury. I didn’t get to watch the game but I saw the highlights and it was great looking finish. I like the article very positive.

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