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📌 Butler CC JUCO Pipeline

Butler CC JUCO Pipeline | by Matthew Manuri | SoFloBulls.com |

| by Matthew Manuri | SoFloBulls.com |

CB Torrel Saffold | Butler CC JUCO Pipeline | by Matthew Manuri | SoFloBulls.com | Butler Community College (Kansas) has become a recruiting pipeline for South Florida. With three offers out & two recent commits in CB Torrel Saffold, & OLB Rahmon Swain the Butler CC Pipeline has become more solidified. CB Torrel Saffold & OLB Rahmon Swain visited the South Florida campus on 12/9/12 & according to ESPN.com’s Mitch Sherman Saffold described the South Florida campus as a “sight to see”. Mitch Sherman discusses Saffold & teammate committed to Boise State RB Derrick Thomas in his article ‘Butler CC Produces Two More Pledges’.

OLB Rahmon Swain | Butler CC JUCO Pipeline | by Matthew Manuri | SoFloBulls.com | OLB Rahmon Swain: 6’2, 225 – Butler CC

ESPN’s Scouting Report on Swain:

(Done for the Class of 2013) Swain is a sound, undersized linebacker who has good backside pursuit ability. He has good height with a thickly-built lower body, but he needs to add size, bulk and strength to hold up in the box. He shows good speed but lacks acceleration. He displays above average instincts and diagnostic skills as a run defender. He flashes the ability to play disciplined and execute his assignments. He has above-average range. Swain will absorb blocks and disengage but he can be engulfed by bigger lineman if they get into his frame at times. He does a nice job of scrapping which allows him to shed, redirect and fall back into the play. He works down the LOS and makes plays from the backside. He’s not overly explosive or a consistent knock-back tackler. He might be limited in coverage to run with TEs or RBs downfield and shows some tightness to open and run, limiting his change of direction skill-set. Swain might not have early playing time as a BCS level player and will need to show more explosion at point of attack.

(Done for the Class of 2010) Swain plays from both a two and three point stance. As a down defensive end his size is suspect but for the outside linebacker position his stature is more manageable. This is an athletic player with good strength and playing speed. Shows good potential as a special teams player; takes the proper angle and is successful blocking punts. Is undersized as a DE but demonstrates good initial quickness on the snap count; shows good read and react skills; can play low with good leverage; keeps his legs free and can dis-engage from blockers. Pursues well, either down the line of scrimmage or as a chase defender; demonstrates good change of direction ability with a burst when in pass rush; possesses the agility to step over the cut block and flashes speed as an edge rusher. Displays similar positives as a two point OLB; can play on his feet and work through traffic when in pursuit. This guy plays on his feet well and is a solid wrap tackler. Will need work in all aspects of coverage but shows good athleticism; recognizes short routes and runs with underneath receivers; gets a good break on balls thrown in front of him. Although there may be some concerns regarding size, this is a tough, aggressive player with consistent production. Swain is attracting some interest at the BCS level of play. We see a very active, productive prospect who could garner more interest as the season progresses.”

Offers from: Minnesota, Boise State, Kansas State, Memphis, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, & UCF.

Via ESPN.com


Here’s some background on another interesting JUCO Offensive Linemen:

OL Aleon Calhoun | Butler CC JUCO Pipeline | by Matthew Manuri | SoFloBulls.com | OL Aleon Calhoun: 6’7, 345 – Navarro CC

Calhoun was originally part of the Class of 2011 & committed to the Texas Tech Red Raiders before ending up at Navarro College where current Bulls DE Tevin Mims was Calhoun’s former teammate.

Here’s ESPN’s Scouting Report on Calhoun:

“Calhoun is a physically impressive and intimidating offensive lineman. He possesses strength in the upper body but must learn how to use his hips and core in conjunction with his hands and arms. Shows ability to be a good reach and zone blocker but lacks the mobility to pull and lead on the perimeter and downfield. Often de-cleats a defender with his first punch but needs to be a better finisher against bigger defenders. Uses hands as a real weapon at times but needs to play with better power angles. Stiff in the knees and stands too tall most of the time. Huge wing span makes him an effective pass protector at times just needs to be more consistent at getting depth off the line of scrimmage and anchoring down. Feet are a major issue in terms of taking false steps; sometimes gets himself in trouble due to being late off the ball or over-striding. Calhoun is a very raw talent that has strength and size to be a solid player. He must work on flexibility and agility in order to be a consistent offensive lineman. Also, he is definitely big enough to be a contributor if he works on the fundamentals and skills for the position.”

Offers From: Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, North Carolina, West Virginia, & several others.

Via ESPN.com

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