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๐Ÿ“Œ Per Reports Coach T’s Bus Headed to the West Coast

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Per Reports Coach T's Bus Headed to the West Coast | SoFloBulls.com

According to various reports, Willie Taggart is headed out west to take over as the head coach of Oregon. Yes, Coach T’s bus is apparently headed out west.

There has been a lot of speculation over the past week about Coach Taggart and some of the rumored jobs available around college football. I tried to push them aside but knew Taggart’s name would be a favorite for many of them. I mean, why not? Taggart is a young, energetic coach that has proven he can turn a program around. Just look what he did at Western Kentucky and where we are today at USF. The man simply knows how to get it done.

So, here were are today, Coach Taggart is leaving. I’m happy for Coach T, I really am, but it does hurt no matter what. USF just went 10-2, its best regular season finish, preparing for a big bowl game, and now will be looking not only to fill the head coaching vacancy that now resides on Fowler Avenue, but possibly assistant coaching positions that could follow. The road ahead could be tough no matter what happens.

What Coach Taggart did here in four years was incredible. He rebuilt this program, restocked the talent, and made going to Raymond James fun again. Now we will wait and see who Athletic Director Mark Harlan hires to fill the open job. Stay strong USF family. Go Bulls!

Update: Vote on who you think should be the next head coach of USF:

by Matt Staton
SoFloBulls.com Columnist | @USFMatt

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  1. This is frustrating, I hate the relationship between the P5 and G5 schools. We are good enough for a coach training ground but yet we are not good enough for inclusion in the “Power” conferences or to have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs.

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