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Houston vs. USF 2017 Photo Montage ReCap by Dennis Akers

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Peep our Houston vs. USF photo album, which is admittedly somewhat drab reminder of the 28-24 Week Eight loss to Major Applewhite and the Houston Cougars last Saturday evening in gloomy, rain trodden conditions, by staff photographer Dennis Akers. While the loss certainly chocked up and sent shock waves through the hearts of all USF fans, especially following clock mismanagement coupled with the defense allowing the Cougars to move the chains on 4th and 24 with just 1:07 remaining, Bulls faithful should stay the course.

Why you ask? USF is 7-1 (4-1) with winnable match ups against UConn and Tulsa before traveling to Orlando for the biggest War on I-4 showdown in the rivalries short history. Which means a victory over a plausibly undefeated No. 15/14 UCF 7-0 (4-0) would land the Bulls in the AAC Championship game with a shot at the first conference title in program history, and leaves the door open to a major bowl game if some pieces fall into place by November 24th.

Dennis spends a ton of time sprinting the sidelines to take the best shots in the USF photo game, period. Click the image above or HERE to see all of the full size images.

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Cincinnati vs. USF Image Gallery 2017

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