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#BullSpring2018: USF Spring Game 2018 Photo Montage ReCap by Dennis Akers

SoFloBulls.com | Finally what you all have been waiting on...our #BullSpring2018: USF Spring Game 2018 Photo Album by Dennis Akers is live!
📌 SoFloBulls.com #BullSpring2018 USF Spring Football Game 2018 Photos by Dennis Akers
∴ Photo by Dennis Akers // Twitter: @USFDennis

Our spring sniper gang photo montage recap album is comprised of the best 160 hand selected pictures from last Saturday’s 2018 USF Spring Game at Corbett Stadium on campus at the University of South Florida. SoFloBulls.com photographer Dennis Akers spanned the sidelines to capture some of the biggest plays from the intrasquad scrimmage, as well as top-notch shots of individual players. Dennis also took the time to stay after the game, despite his son and wife waiting, to take photos of players with their family members. Give the man behind the lens some daps!!

The white team took home the 56-55 victory over the green squad in front of the 3,452 fans that came out to support the Bulls, even with the blistering hot temperature. While Dennis was snapping pictures, I was roaming the field recording video footage that I will be posting over the next few days. I will also be compiling the footage into a mini-highlight mix. Also, the boys from Let’s Battle TV (Facebook /Twitter) came out and recorded a ton of footage, so stay tuned for some fire footage coming your way!

Dennis spends a ton of time sprinting the sidelines and traveling to road games to take the undisputed best photos in the USF game, period fam! Click the image above or HERE to see all of the full-size images.

Follow Dennis on Twitter @DAphotospot. Please respectfully enjoy Dennis’ hard work, but hit us with a tag or shoutout on Instagram (@soflobulls), Facebook (@SoFloBulls), and Twitter (@SoFloBulls). All media requests must be made directly to either Matthew Manuri or Dennis Akers. All rights reserved.

by Matthew Manuri
Publisher & Editor, SoFloBulls.com |@Mcknurkle

#BullSpring2018 USF Spring Game Image Gallery 2018


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