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#Stampede21 Class Offense To-Do List (Part One)

We're still early enough in the 2021 cycle to lay out the #Stampede21 Class Offense To-Do List. Here are my projections for what this class may look like on offense when it's all said and done!

Before we begin, let’s address the elephant in the room: Whoever this staff decides to add at each position is anyone’s guess with 10 months left until NSD in 2022. I’m choosing to follow the numbers at each position as I break out my trusty scholarship distribution spreadsheet to come up with the #Stampede21 Class Offense To-Do List. I’ll go position by position talking about the numbers and my best guess on the expected number(s) to be added at each spot. Please note that I am counting current scholarship numbers, the average number of scholarships for each position based on the industry norm, and my expected number of players to be added to this class.

Quarterback (QB)

Current: 4 (Jordan McCloud, Cade Fortin, Katravis Marsh, Jordan Smith)

Average: 4

Expected: 0-1

The majority of college football programs across the nation shoot for 4 scholarship QBs to be on the roster every year. Some choose to go with 5 depending on the number of walk-on QBs that a program may have. USF has two good ones right now in Kirk Rygol and Augie DeBiase with Brenden Cyr joining the team in the Fall as well via Twitter. With that being said, a handful of offers have went out to a few dual-threat QBs over the last month, giving reason to believe that the staff wants to add at least 1 QB this cycle. This looks like an attempt to prepare the position for a possible transfer, being the only reason to add 5 in my opinion. However, if the staff does choose to skip a QB this class, be confident with the guys already in the QB room.

Running Back (RB)

Current: 5 (Darrian Felix, Kelley Joiner, Johnny Ford, Josh Berry, Brian Battie)

Average: 5-6

Expected: 1

The staff should be happy with the talent that they have at the position, but I believe that this class will include a bigger RB that can run between the tackles. I love the three-headed monster that they have with Joiner, Ford, and Battie with Felix and Berry being the “bigger” backs on the roster. In his two seasons at FAU, OC Charlie Weis Jr. seemed to utilize his backfield based on the talent that he had, whether making his future NFL RB Devin Singletary his workhorse back in 2018 or spreading the wealth with multiple guys in 2019. Call this move a need to “even-out” the position with an equal amount of all-purpose and two-down backs if the staff wants to get bigger at RB in the long run.

Wide Receiver (WR)

Current: 12 (Devontres Dukes, Eddie McDoom, Jernard Phillips, Randall St. Felix, Latrell Williams, Zion Roland, Terrance Horne, Xavier Weaver, Jah’Quez Evans, Logan Berryhill, Omarion Dollison, Sincere Brown)

Average: 12

Expected: 2-3

You lose 3, you get 3. With Dukes, McDoom, and Phillips being seniors, it only makes sense for the staff to shoot for at least 3 WRs this class. Roland and Evans choosing to move back to WR lessens the blow from the numbers and talent standpoint, but this position will still be a priority for the staff to add talent. Length looks to be the goal, so keep your eyes on the taller receivers that the staff are ‘crootin’ this class.

Tight End (TE)

Current: 5 (Jacob Mathis, Frederick Lloyd, Chris Carter, Thomas Nance, Holden Willis)

Average: 4

Expected: 0-1

Even with Mathis graduating in 2020, the TE position would head into 2021 with 4 guys barring any transfers from the program. Still, there feels like enough recruiting “buzz” around the position to indicate that the staff would have no problem adding at least one TE this class. I like the potential behind Mathis on the depth chart with this season giving a good indication on what’s to come in the future. Depending on how the staff feels at TE now will set the tone on how big of a priority this position is, plain and simple.

Offensive Line (OT, OG, and OC)

Current: 12 (Jarrett Hopple, Michael Wiggs, Donovan Jennings, Demetris Harris, Jean Marcellus, Brad Cecil, Sebastian Sainterling, Joshua Blanchard, Matthew McDuffie, Dustyn Hall, Cesar Reyes, Uriah Greene)

Average: 15-16

Expected: 3-4

If you follow recruiting in the state of FL, this is not an area that is loaded with OL talent. Making matters even worse is that numbers are hard to come by, no matter what recruiting year it is. Expect 3-4 recruits to be the normal pull each class as guys leave (such as Hopple and Wiggs after 2020) along with the staff wanting to add talent/depth there as well. 3 OL recruits should be the absolute minimum in 2021 with 4 being a fine and dandy number if the talent is there for the taking, no matter what state or level that you find them at.

Leave your thoughts and comments below and be sure to tune in later this month when I cover the biggest wants/needs on the defensive side for the 2021 recruiting class!

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USF Football Recruiting Class of 2021
  Name Pos. School 247 Rivals
1 Davon Hicks ILB Vero Beach (Vero Beach, FL) 0.8366 5.5
2 CJ Ross OLB Trinity Christian Academy (Jacksonville, FL) 0.8265 5.5
3 Keeon Terrell SDE Fort Myers (Fort Myers, FL) 0.8204 5.4

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