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📌 Post-Florida State of Anarchy

Frustrated. Embarrassed. Angry. Post FSU 2012 meltdown reaction.
Post-Florida State of Anarchy by Matthew Manuri
Post-Florida State of Anarchy | FSU vs. USF 2012

State of the Union

Frustrated. Embarrassed. Angry. I don’t even know where to begin, let alone verbalize my emotions about the Bulls performance in 2012. Here are the two words I felt resonated with me the most. Stunned: Stunned that a team with 20+ returning seniors & 15+ returning starters is apparently spending afternoons staring at butterflies. Disheartened: Disheartened that this is Skip’s junior campaign & the only thing he’s proved is South Florida hasn’t been disciplined since Levitt was forced out. Contract extensions & raises post 5-7 substantiated by a 2-3 start in 2012…? Anyone else not seeing the “big picture”? Five games into the 2012 season the Bulls sit at a lackluster 2-3… Anyone smell a 5-7 repeat?

Let’s Talk Blunders

Bulls fans were outraged by Matt Floyd’s 3rd quarter fumble Saturday, but most fans missed what led to the blind side hit turned TD. South Florida OT #76 Darrell Williams decided to use blinders to avoid FSU’s 6’5 DE #91 Cornellius Carradine despite Carradine’s 4-point attack mode stance. Williams’ post-snap hesitation left him unable to recover, setting the table for Floyds’ blindside strip & Christian Jones coasting in for an easy 6 points.

A Positive Reprieve

On the flipside, Kayvon Webster was named to ESPN’s ‘Big East Honor Roll’ after posting 12 tackles, 2 TFL & 2 pass break ups in the Bulls 30-17 loss to the ‘Noles. BJ Daniels was also named to the ‘Big East Honor Roll’ after completing 17/33 for 143 yards & only giving up 1 interception to the #5 Florida State defense.

True Freshman LB #51 Tashon Whitehurst came up with a big punt block for the Bulls in the 3rd quarter. Holtz noticed Whitehurst last year in Gainesville while watching CB #4 Chris Bivins. Both Bivins & Whitehurst are expected to be impact players for the Bulls defense for the next few years.

Temple: Coaching Staff on the Hot Seat

The Bulls travel to Temple this Saturday for their second Big East game of 2012. If the Bulls do not put the Owls down in dominant fashion heads better roll on the coaching staff. It’s not acceptable for a team of South Florida’s caliber to continue to underperform & play with no remnants of discipline week in & week out. Should Skip be fired? Todd Fitch? Leave comments & vote on the poll. Final Score: Bulls 35-10.


  1. I won’t go as far as saying that the coaches should be fired if we do not win by 20+. If we lose then heads should roll. We need a new defensive coordinator and offensive coordinator. The team needs to seek out prominent assistants and position coaches at big schools and land a good up and comer to give a shot to. Skip needs to get a fire under his ass, no more playing the nice guy. We do not need moral victories, we need victories period. This season can still be salvaged IF we run the table…..can we, we have the talent. Just need the play calling to support the talent. Bubble screens and draws aren’t going to cut it.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Just take a look at the San Francisco 49ers Defense.

    There’s a rumor circulating that Levitt is looking at taking over at UCF… talk about salt in an open wound. Unsure on the validity of the rumor though.

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