2012: Taggart Time

๐Ÿ“Œ #Swaggart: Welcoming Taggart to Tampa

Swaggart - Welcoming Taggart to Tampa

| by Matthew Manuri | SoFloBulls.com |

Willie Taggart has arrived in Tampa & is already making his presence felt. The Florida recruiting scene is salivating over the opportunity to play for one of the hottest young coaches in college football. The Palmetto, FL native & Bradenton Manatee All-State QB is known for his ability to recruit Florida, hence the 33 Floridians on the WKU roster (18 from the Tampa Bay area). Here’s a section of his Presser when Coach T discusses #GetOnTheBus:


Willie T is receiving shout outs from everyone, including Leon McQuay Jr., whose highly sought after son Leon McQuay III, who had this to say on twitter:

โ€œLeon McQuay Jr.โ€@Quaydiddy2206: Any former @RealTeamTampa players from 2013,2012 or 2011 interested in staying home or juco transfer playing for USF direct message me today!โ€

Get On The Bus Even ESPNโ€™s Andrea Adelson went as far as staying โ€œThis, my friends, is the best coaching fit among all the hires that have been made so far in college football.โ€ in her article โ€œWillie Taggart the Perfect Fit for USFโ€. And we all know Adelson NEVER has anything positive to say about USFโ€ฆ Knicknames so far: #TeamTaggart, #Swaggart, #Swaggy, & #GetOnTheBus.

#Swaggartโ€™s energy, enthusiasm is off the charts in his acceptance video (Full):

Hereโ€™s what I had to say about Taggart in a previous article:

Background: Willie Taggart

โ€“Records: 2012: 7-5, 4-4 Sun Belt; 2011: 7-5, 7-1 Sun Belt; 2010: 2-10, 2-6 Sun Belt.

  • Thoughts: I’m high on Taggart because of his Florida Roots (Bradenton Manatee HS) & his heavy presence in FL, specifically Tampa Bay area Recruiting Scene. Taggart was a QB for Bradenton Manatee HS & won a state championship in 1992. Taggart was recruited by Jim Harbaugh for his fatherโ€™s, Jack Harbaugh, WKU squad for college, which led to him becoming an assistant coach under HC Jack Harbaughโ€™s Hilltoppersโ€™. Taggert was the OC for the Hilltoppersโ€™ 2002 D1-AA National Championship. Next, Taggert spent 2007-2009 as Stanfordโ€™s RB coach under HC Jim Harbaugh, where he developed Doak Walker Award winner Toby Gerhart (Minnesota Vikings). In 2010 Taggart became the WKU HC, bolstering a roster full of Floridians. With Taggartโ€™s Harbaugh blood line & extensive Florida connections, I expect him to have a major impact as the new coach of the South Florida Bulls. Prepare for a re-birth!

| by Matthew Manuri | SoFloBulls.com |