2012: Taggart Time

🎥 Video: Coach Taggart on College Football Live Today

| by Matthew Manuri | SoFloBulls.com |

Here is the video of Coach Taggart on ESPN’s College Football Live from this afternoon. You just HAVE to LOVE Coach T’s enthusiasm!



  1. I am actually excited by what I have seen so far and he has already flipped a recruit to USF. When Skip was hired I did not get the feeling that he was going to be the coach to get us to the next level but I think we may have found him in Coach T.

    1. Taggart is definitely someone to be excited about. He brings the type of enthusiasm that will positively affect on the field attitude. He is passionate about what we does & clear about his intentions. He is going after every big name recruit, committed or not. (e.g. TE Travis Johnson)

      He’s been a winner at every level, from QB to Coach & everything in between. Taggart is being extremely selective about his new staff, focusing on adding Florida natives with in-state recruiting ties. For example, it’s rumored that Taggart will become the Head Coach & Offensive Coordinator to save money for Randy Shannon as his Defensive Coordinator. Also, Ray Woodie, former Palmetto High School coach, will be the newly appointed LBs coach. Plenty to be excited about.

        1. Definitely excited about what Shannon would bring as a coach, & the in-state relationships for recruiting.

          I agree that CWT doubling as both seems like a little much, but realistically last year Skip called 75% of the plays anyway, leaving Fitch in the box digging for gold & counting stars….

          CWT is building a strong staff. Can’t wait!!

          1. How about Woulard (re(re))committing to USF…how do folks feel about this? Is it going to happen? Has the enthusiasm for having him on board lessened for any of you as it has for me…I feel like he is an exciting prospect to have as QB but his lack of commitment to USF thus far has been a bit troubling for me. Thoughts?

          2. A lot has been said about Woulard throughout this process, but as someone who has been following his story from day 1 it’s my personal opinion that Woulard lands in Bulls Country. He’s wanted to stay close to home, he camped at FSU & UF over the summer, no offers followed.

            He initially committed 2/21/12, de-committed 4/3/12 to camp at the aforementioned schools & see if others would offer, re-committed 6/15/12, 7/22/12 Woulard won the Elite 11 MVP shocking everyone, Skip was fired then he de-committed 12/2/12, Coach T visited Woulard for an in-home 12/9/12 (Woulard’s Tweet: “Coach Taggert just left my house, we had a great in home meeting. Really great guy!”), & Woulard took an 12/14/12 with Coach T.

            There’s never certainty in recruiting, but I feel he ends up a Bull, but Tennessee is definitely in the mix for now regardless of what ESPN said. imo

          3. @ Mathew Manuri: the recruiting possibilities are definitely exciting! Hopefully Coach T can put that “fence” around the I-4 corridor!

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