2016 USF Football Game Photos 2016: Willie's Bullies

ECU vs. USF 2016: Mosaic Photo Album ReCap by Dennis Akers

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ECU vs. USF 2016-Mosaic Photo Album ReCap Photos AI by Matthew Manuri [by Dennis Akers] (4000x3000)

Here is our titillating photo mashup recap gallery from USF’s 38-22 victory over East Carolina last Saturday by our pictorial pundit, action stance savant, a.k.a. the architect of action imagery, none other than SoFloBulls.com photographer Dennis Akers. Oh, Dennis also goes by the ‘Sultan of Swat’ from time to time while holding his son, Sonny.

Dennis captures sensational shots in the moment, and we here at SoFloBulls.com are overjoyed to have Dennis on the team snapping sensational stills all season long. If you aren’t already following Dennis on Twitter @DAphotospot, then we can no longer be friends. Share and enjoy! Be sure to tag us when sharing, like us on 👍🏼 Facebook, and follow the squad on Twitter (@SoFloBulls, @Mcknurkle, @USFMatt, @DAphotospot). Also, we will be adding an exciting new member to the squad this week that adds literally endless USF Football knowledge and insight, so stay tuned! #BeatUConn

by Matthew Manuri
Publisher & Editor, SoFloBulls.com | @Mcknurkle

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