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📌 Final Thoughts: Bulls Harness Huskies for Third Straight Win

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Final Thoughts-Bulls Harness Huskies for Third Straight Win (5877x3923)
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USF improved to 6-1 (3-0) last night with a 42 to 27 win over Uconn. The offense made mistakes, the defense gave up some big plays, but again, they were able to overcome it all and get the victory. Here are some key points from both sides of the ball.

USF produced 529 yards in this victory, including 316 of them on the ground against one of the better run stopping teams in this conference. Quinton Flowers was 23 for 37 for 213 yards including two touchdowns (will get to the interceptions in a second) and ran for 107 yards and a score. Marlon Mack had 10 carries for 107 yards and a score and caught 6 passes for 75 yards. The big playmakers got it done, but there were mistakes.

The unit turned the ball over four times including the two picks and two fumbles from Mack and Rodney Adams. It was sloppy and allowed Uconn to stay in the game until late. It’s frustrating to watch, but despite the turnovers and overall sloppy play at times by this group, they still produced the big points once again. They will need to work this week to cut down on these turnovers before heading to Temple.

On the defensive side of the ball, the unit allowed 378 yards but just 72 of them on the ground. The Bulls were able to clean up the run defense but the Huskies aired it out instead, totaling 306 yards including a 70-yard strike on one play that went for a touchdown. The team did allow some big plays against them, but also made some splash plays throughout the game to keep the Huskies off the board at key times.

Jaymon Thomas (7 tackles with 2 tackles for loss) and Deadrin Senat had big tackles when the unit needed it the most. Nigel Harris had a big sack during the game and Auggie Sanchez had the big night with 11 tackles including three sacks (career high). Overall the unit had 9 tackles for loss and sacked Bryant Shirreffs five times. Yes, they still give up yards, but came up big when called upon despite some mistakes. I think they made some improvements and can still get better (did not have Ronnie Hoggins or Devin Abraham out there).

The Bulls have a short week to prepare as they head to Philadelphia to take on Temple (game is at 7 PM and ESPN) on Friday night. Time to learn from this game, correct the mistakes, and get ready for a critical road test in conference play.

by Matt Staton
SoFloBulls.com Columnist | @USFMatt

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