2016 USF Football Game Photos 2016: Willie's Bullies

🏆 #WarOnI4: UCF vs. USF Photo Montage ReCap 2016 by Dennis Akers

Exclusive #WarOnI4 UCF vs. USF Photo Album ReCap by SoFloBulls.com Photographer Dennis Akers #SoFloBulls .....

UCF vs. USF Photo Montage ReCap 2016 by Dennis Akers | SoFloBulls.com (940x492)
Here is the photo montage recap gallery (FINALLY) from USF’s program record tenth win in 2016, which was especially enjoyable with the 48-31 good ole fashion ass whooping of Mickey Mouse State from Disney World by our #Skrong staff photographer Dennis Akers. Dennis takes has taken countless exclusive action images throughout the 2016 USF season for SoFloBulls.com, and I for one am extremely thankful for Dennis’ captivating work! Follow Dennis on Twitter @DAphotospot, be sure to follow the new @soflobullsblog Instagram run by none other than Dennis himself! Please be sure to share, but also tag us when you’re sharing on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. #BirminghamBowl #BeatSC #SoFloBulls

#WarOnI4 UCF vs. USF Image Gallery 2016

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