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Temple vs. USF 2017 Photo Montage ReCap by Dennis Akers

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Temple vs. USF 2017 Photo Montage ReCap by Dennis Akers Article Header Image | SoFloBulls.com

Here are a few images from the LITTY photo montage recap gallery from the 43-7 Week Four trouncing of AAC foe Temple by staff photographer Dennis Akers. Dennis takes titillating shots, and thankfully we will once again be dropping his fire photos right here all season long! Click the image above or HERE to see all 182 photos in the album.

Follow Dennis on Twitter @DAphotospot. Please respectfully enjoy Dennis’ hard work, but kindly tag us on Instagram (@soflobulls), Facebook (@SoFloBulls), and Twitter (@SoFloBulls). All media requests must be made to either Matthew Manuri or Dennis Akers.

by Matthew Manuri
SoFloBulls.com Editor | @Mcknurkle

Temple vs. USF Image Gallery 2017

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