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Photo Album: 2019 Believe In Me Foundation Football Camp

Enjoy browsing our exclusive photo album from the 2019 Believe In Me Foundation Football Camp at Nathaniel Traz Powell Stadium in Miami. As always, Go Bulls!!
2019 Believe In Me Foundation Football Camp Photo Album
Photo by Matthew Manuri

I had the pleasure of introducing my wife Stephanie to Deatrick Nichols at the second annual Believe In Me Foundation football camp in Miami. The event was a huge success once again and can’t wait to share our up close & personal footage from the event!

The Believe In Me Foundation was started in September 2017 by Desmond Horne and Alexis Moncrief to pay tribute to late former USF Football Player Elkino Watson who  tragically had his life cut short following the 2015 game against Memphis. The Foundation aims to educate and raise awareness in the community while having a positive impact on today’s youth. Jump over and follow a great cause: Instagram (@believeinmefoundation), and Facebook (@BelieveInMeFoundation).

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by Matthew Manuri
Publisher & Editor, | @Mcknurkle

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