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The Future is Bright For USF Football, Only If Athletics Executes with Precision

You wouldn’t see your friend being jumped by several people and join in, right? So why do it to your alma mater? I digress… Team Matthew Manuri and David Gold

Look I could be everyone else and beat the dead horse, but what value does redundant negativity add?


I started back in 2012 because I was sick of reading nothing but derogatory, baseless takes on USF Sports as a whole. As an alum, I’ve always run this site as a positive sounding board for the University of South Florida brand, and even more so for the players that would soon become fellow alumni.

Now, when it comes to coaches, us here at SFB believe they have very important and handsomely paid positions. Like all other jobs in the business world, there are metrics used as job performance benchmarks.

We will continue to point out the successes and failures of coaches to hold them accountable. Players should not take this personally, college football is a business. Period.

It’s been a challenging few years, but let’s all remind ourselves the greater goal is to hoist the USF brand up and not pull it down when everyone else is already curb stomping the Bulls.

Let’s as alumni find solutions to these problems or history is destined to repeat itself.

As always, Go Bulls!

by Matthew Manuri

Owner & Publisher, Twitter: @Mcknurkle

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